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Field Bred English Springer Spaniels -

Without question the English Springer Spaniel possess one of the finest noses of all upland sporting dogs. Their uncanny ability to find game and a natural instinct to retrieve is a combination unmatched in the field today. The English Springer Spaniel’s versatility and strength in both the field and the duck blind has given them the notoriety as the best “all round gun dog”.

                               ”Committed to Excellence in the field”

Citari concentrates on only breeding a few top Quality litters per year! Our Springers spaniels are keep in the house, raised as good family citizens as well as being top performing spaniels in the field. Whether your interest is for field trials, hunt test or  for the small upland game enthusiasts. 


Breeding Program:


All of our Field bred Springer Spaniel pups are born and raised in our home. This is a crucial imprinting process at this early age for socialization and human interaction.

The foundation of our program has focused on “selective breeding”since its inception in 1985. Through closely studying and hand selecting top-notch field trial stock, our kennel has been able to faithfully produce canines with exceptional intelligence, hunting ability and a strong desire to please. Our strain of Springers consistently made themselves welcome family members in addition to being an exceptional performer in the field and marsh.



Since its inception in 1985 Citari has selected a few pups from every breeding that takes place here at the homestead to train as started gundogs. This is how every breeding here at Citari is closely evaluated. Through this process we closely evaluate them for exceptional intelligence, hunting ability and a strong desire to please. Which also must incorporate a soft demeanor for the family setting. Ensuring they live up to all of the expectations for today’s small game enthusiast.This consistent evaluation process Ensures and maintains the breeding of world class Field Bred Springer Spaniel.


Citari Kennel offers a limited number of “private placement” litters a year. Our puppies are sold to approved homes, where the owners recognize and appreciate the fact. That the price of a puppy is the smallest expenditure a responsible owner will make during the life of his or her favorite companion. Our up-most concern is that our clients do provide an appropriate home for our Field bred Springer Spaniels.



our Springer Spaniel puppies are more than gundogs. They are a family member as well!




All our Springer Spaniels sold at our facility are AKC registered and able to fully participate in all AKC licensed events.


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