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Citari Kennel 30th year Anniversary!!

2n me w riley

daiv and nick

WOW how time flies..


Now I’m with my Springer Spaniel Citari’s Spice of Ivanhoe

Back then I’m with my Springer Spaniel Ivanhoe’s Saint Nick MH


Through the years of my carrier of Breeding and training Springer spaniels. I have recieved hundreds of ribbons and rosetts achieving many acomplishment both in the AKC field events while advanced the genetics in my breeding program!

Today, I now find myself spending the majority of my time concentrating on fine tuning  my breeding program and puppy training stage process. Both elements are crucial partners of each other. I have developed the final stages of breeding and training for my strain of Springer Spaniels!

My goal was to develope a fine line of Springers that have the natural born to hunt instincs , early maturing and have the bid abilty to be trained by average upland hunter.

I have seen great success from my clients that have self training their young pups to the level of gundogs at a very early age! Which in turn has given them the confidence to go onto advance training their Springers for the AKC field events.

                         30 years with my Springers, and I still have the same passion now, as I had back then!

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