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Craig Matewski





When it came time for me to get my bird dog, there was no question of where to get it. We happily made the four hour drive to get our second Citari gun dog. Last year my daughter shot her first pheasant over My ten year old Citari Springer, named Pepper. This summer we, yet again, made the four hour drive to get our third Springer from David Krassler and Boomer is already blowing my mind. At 16 weeks old he is retrieving, quartering, and accepting hand signals at twenty paces out. He is working in tandem with my older springer and it’s as if they’ve been hunting together for years. I don’t have to wait until October to tell you this dog is going to be shaming two and three year old dogs his first year out. As if their impossibly talented abilities in the field aren’t enough to convince you, the other 9 months out of the year these dogs are great family dogs, lovable and gentle. We also raise chickens and ducks and they can be easily trained to tell the difference between livestock and game birds. While my dogs are naturally elite in the field they won’t lay a paw on my livestock birds. I swear these Springer Spaniels are the best bird dogs you’re going to find anywhere. In four years it’ll be time for my daughter to get her first dog and we already know where it’s coming from.
Thanks for another great great gun dog!
Greg Matewski
Lebanon, Maine
Hi David!
I just thought I’d send you a couple pics of both my citari dogs. So far this year our new pup, Boomer has flushed and retrieved six pheasants and and eleven woodcock.  For being just over a year old I’d say he’s shaping up to be our finest gun dog yet. Somehow your dogs just keep getting better. At this rate I’m going to need to find more shooters by the end of today because one more bird for me and I’m done for the season and we’re not even half way through October. Thanks again for another epic dog!!


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