Dave Krassler


David has shown his knowledge of the domestic canine through his breeding and training programs offered at Citari Kennel. Through years of selective breeding and hand picking a strain of canine that is equally at home with children as in the field, David has become well known to both the waterfowl/upland hunter and gun-dog owner across the country.

Through his technical columns in Northeast Woods and Water, freelance articles in many different outdoors magazines, to his well known “Water Dog Retrieving Demonstrations” at Sportsmen Shows throughout the east, David Krassler has become known as one of the top “EDUCATORS” in the canine world. David takes pride in letting his dogs do the “speaking for him”. It is his in depth analysis and lectures on the dog’s “instinct drive” and interpretation during domestication that gives him this well deserved reputation.

Page1010-Pg1-Pic2His diversification in many fields makes him stand out amongst his peers as an accomplished breeder, dog trainer/handler, outdoor writer, seminarist and conservationist. Additionally, David is an active member of “New England Outdoors Writers Association”, AKC Field Judge, Life member of the North American Hunting Club, member of Ducks Unlimited, member of the NRA, supporter of the Spaniel and Retriever Rescue League.

While David’s success began in the field trail circuit and hunt test arena, he is now looked to for his knowledge and guidance at many training clinics and seminars throughout the east. In recent years, David has spent his “off-seasons” touring the Sportsmen Show throughout the northeast, participating in more than 70 gun dog seminars annually.