Field Bred Springer Spaniel Puppies

CitariHDRpup          ”Committed to Excellence in the Field” Davids commitment to excellence in the field is carried over to a commitment to all his clients. Ensuring that all of his customer have every opportunity to be successful with one of his strain of Springer Spaniels. Citari doesn’t just sell you a Springer Spaniel and leave you to your own devices on training”!! Davids 35 years of experience in conditioning and training  Spaniels is part of his commitment to all  clients. Whether it be by e-mail, phone call, or a private session. This is available to all clients whom  need assistance in behavior, conditioning or training their Citari English Springer Spaniel for upland game, waterfowl, field trials or AKC hunt test.  Addition any Citari client whom wishes to attend. David has a training group in the summer time for any additional help they may need to be successful with their Citari Springer Spaniel both in and out of the field. This is at your finger tips When you purchase a Citari Springer Spaniel!                                  


   Citari’s Field Bred Springer spaniels are born and bred to hunt! David has always let his strain of spaniels do the speaking for him! The breeding program at  Citari is no different.  Our pups level headed  biddability, natural instinct, eager to please attitude and intelligence at a very exceptionally early age.  speak for the 35 years of a “very  selective breeding program”. Read the testimonials that our clients have submitted to us over the long history of our breeding program.                                          


All of our Field bred Springer Spaniel pups are born and raised in our home. This is a crucial imprinting process at this early age for socialization and human interaction.



                                            We don’t say our spaniels will hunt, our puppies prove it!                                                  view our videos below and you be the judge of our pups!    

                       pup working pigeons in cover at 12 weeks of age! click here

                                                  8 week old pups  first time seeing a pigeon!  click here

                                                           pups first find in the field! click here


13 week old Citari Springer Spaniel pup working over an obstacle to make a pigeon retrieve on water  




14 week old Citari Spriner Spaniel pup making pigeon find in the field and retrieve to hand

















Star x Hawk

Puppies on the way!

Ready to travel to forever homes in Mid January 2018

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14045994_10209067202370971_4939868473580641153_nmonth training


view pups from previous breeding’s!!   Click here

These Spaniels pedigrees boast of many “Bird dog Hall of Fame Springer’s” with a history of top performance in the field! However these fierce field dogs still maintain a soft demeanor for a properly balanced spaniel. Which ensures the enjoyment and pleasure of an all-around competition, family-hunting companion. As always we stand behind all of our dogs with our well know written guarantee and would love to work with you to make your days in the field prosperous and enjoyable. Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to talk further about this litter. Please give us a call at 1-413-207-2298 if you have any questions or would like to talk to us about this litter!  or   click here