Gundog Pup Program

                                                    “Committed to Excellence in the Field”

Whether it is for  upland game hunting, AKC hunt tests or field trials. Every pup has to have the proper starting foundation to bring out the full potential  of a pups natural ability in the field!

Our purpose of the “Gundog Pup” program is structured for dogs from the ages of ten weeks. Exposing them to other dogs and people developing the ‘imprinting process” of wanting to please and an eagerness to learn attitude. Through fun and low-pressure training exercises, all in an atmosphere of a structured but gentle direction. The results of  the “Gundog pup’”program are confident young Spaniels that are well rounded, highly social individual, Spaniels that are eager and enthusiastic retrievers. A Spaniel whose brains have been well-conditioned during the most important “imprinting”stage of the pups life. Setting the foundation to put them solidly on the path of wanting to learn and so very “eager to please” attitude.  which is the basic nature of the Springer Spaniel!

This program is designed for those who wish to have their Springer Spaniel pup properly started and conditioned right out of the whelping box!

We will hand select a pup for you that has the demeanor and personality to match your personal family’s activity level and habitat. Then start the beginning process to set the foundation for creating a top notch Gundog!


below is an example of some options in this package

(some options are not available during certain time of the year)

Socialization with people and other dogs

Retrieving dummies

Retrieving clipped winged pigeons

Introduction to pigeon fliers

Introduction to Blank pistol

Introduction to cover

Introduction to whistle in the field

Introduction to water

Introduction to retrieving on water

all of the above “conditioning” option are conducive to the time of year!

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