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Howard White







As a first time client I was a little skeptical when you explained to me your Line breeding philosophy, work ethic, training & reason for breeding these dogs. What a  Great job!  My springer, Gracie, has far exceeded any expectations I had for her.  She is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned.  She loves to please, loves to train & really loves working the fields for birds.  She has made me, A NOVICE, look & act like I have trained gundogs most of my life!

When I get the 12ga, hunting vests & bells out she gets so exited & can’t wait to get in the truck.  Loves the sound of the 12ga going off after she has flushed a bird.  She is a hunting machine from the time she gets out of the truck until the time she gets back in.  I have never shot at as many birds or reach my limit ever in such short time as with Gracie hunting with me. What a dog !!! She is just a Great hunting dog & companion.  Great family dog & pet

Thanks once again for the help answering the questions I had & for the training videos on the web site.

I have attached a couple of pictures of Gracie, I hope you enjoy them. In the first picture Gracie is with her hunting partner, ( boyfriend Ben), they make a great pair in the field.

Howard White

Sutton, MA.

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