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Jeff White




In 2002 we welcomed a ball of fire into our lives and named him Bullet. He has forever changed who my wife and I are. We spent the first 6 months doing obedience training and loving it.
Bullet learned faster than any dog in the class.  We then moved onto field training where Bullet quickly learned whistle commands, quartering, blind retrieves and everything he needed to be an amazing hunter.  His energy was endless, loving to play fetch for as long as we could tolerate to throw the dummies no matter the weather rain, snow, cold none  of it mattered to him all he wanted was to please us.
He continued to amaze and share his intelligence.  Bullet was and amazingly connected dog some how he knew when we where sad or sick always staying glued us when we were.
He spent 12 years hunting all the game birds from pheasant, bob white quail, chuckar partridge and his favorite woodcock. It wasn’t often he couldn’t find every downed bird regardless of seeing it shot or not.  One of my proudest moments was while out hunting I had a gentleman ask me if my dog would retrieve.  He was standing on the edge of a pond with his dog who would not enter the water for the retrieve.  I lined Bullet up on the shore and gave him the dead bird command.  Off he went swimming in the frigid water for a pheasant he didn’t see shot or downed.  He swam head high it only took a second before he scented the bird swam to it and brought it back to my hand.

Bullet was great in the house always looking to play and keep us laughing and moving, we are much more active people due to him.  On December 2nd 2016 Bullet lost his fire to old age.
Just shy of 15 he left us.  We can not thank Citari Kennels enough for giving us the opportunity to share 15 years with a great hunter and loving best friend.

Caroline and Jeff White

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