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John & Jane Westerlund

Page1003-Pg1-Pic2I must admit, I had no idea what I was getting into a few years ago when I first met David Krassler of Citari Kennels at the OSEG Outdoor Sportsmen Show in Springfield Ma. At the time I was an avid Snowshoe Hare hunter and owned beagles for over 15 years. If you ever owned beagles, you are well aware of their desire to run and run and run. Many times I found myself calling them back in complete darkness, only to hear them running those ridge runners off in the distance. It was time for a change.

I was looking for a close working dog that I could hunt with as well as a loving family pet. My decision between the flushing breed or the pointing breed led my wife and I to check into English Springer Spaniels. After all, the English Springer Spaniel is used in England to hunt rabbit as well as upland birds (what they call fur and feather). While at the Springfield Outdoor Sportsmen Show I meet David of Citari Kennel while attending their “Water Dog Retrieving Demonstrations”. Up to this time I was knew Springer Spaniels had a natural ability for upland game, but I had no idea they were used as water retrievers as well. The English Springer Spaniel proved to be more versatile than I imagined.

After talking to Dave, my wife and I decided to wait for their next litter of English Springer Spaniels. The time soon came to pick a pup, we asked David to help us with our decision and he did so. My wife and I made arrangements for Dave to train the pup and prepare for AKC Hunt Tests. We certainly did not have the time or the experience required to undertake such a task. David’s training methods and relationship with ever dog he trains has proven to produce canines that excel at AKC Hunt Test. My wife and I have equally benefited from our experiences with David, taking those important lessons learned with David and applying them in our home. David is always available to take questions, whether it is about training, health and / or behavior issues.

“Casey” has turned into a super pup… with a lot of love, heart, excellent nose, speed and a wonderful pet in the home. The combination of proper breeding and placing here with trainer that loves what he does has proven to produce a truly unique animal. At the time of this letter Casey has earned 3 legs toward his AKC Senior Hunting Title and we look forward to working with David to compete at Master Levels. l could not be more pleased than what Dave and his family at Citari Kennels has done and continues to for us.


Thank you,

John & Jane Westerlund

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