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Mike Rossen

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Dear David
Thank you again for the incredible pup! It’s been well over 15 years since having a Springer. I want you to know during my research for my next springer your kennel always came up as the number 1 referral. Whether by other trainers’, breeders or bird hunters it was Citari first for a Springer. I must admit it was well worth the wait for a Springer spaniel pup from your breeding program.

“Tank” is everything I could have hoped for in a springer to enjoy training and running in AKC hunt tests. Handsome, biddable, great natural born instincts, quick learner and took to water very fast and is already very confident at almost four months now. His name fits him well, you should see this pup address heavy cover like a little sherman Tank!

Here’s a photo of Tank, retrieving back to me with great natural ability! Couldn’t have asked for a better pup! He was swimming like a fish at eight weeks and diving in for dummies by thirteen weeks. Ten weeks old, retrieving chuckards in heavy cover with great noise. Also great with other dogs, cats, people, and most of all Birds!

Keep up the good work!

Mike Rossen




Here is an update on my pup. Just got a report from Churchie Kennel on my six month old pup. He’s running a good pattern flushing and retrieving to hand. People are impressed at what he’s doing at his age! I am giving him every opportunity to bring out his talent (which Steve at churchie says he has a lot of )and natural born instincts as well. We may need your help at some point to evaluate and help train him for field trials as Steve feel he has all the potential. Just wanted you know how he was progressing. Couldn’t be happier with the pup thanks again. Well be hitting huntest hard this spring!!
Mike Rossen
Hóoksett N.H.





13 months old “Tank” Junior Hunter ribbon


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