Started Dogs



                “Committed to Excellence in the Field”

Since its inception in 1985 Citari has selected a few pups from every breeding that takes place here at the homestead to train as started gundogs. Every breeding is closely evaluated through this process, for exceptional intelligence, hunting ability and a strong desire to please. Which also must incorporate a soft demeanor for the family setting. Ensuring that all our field bred English Springer Spaniel breeding’s. Live up to all of the expectations of today’s small game enthusiast.This consistent evaluation process Ensures and maintains the breeding of world class Field Bred English Springer Spaniel!


Maggies has been sold
“Maggie” is a twenty -two month old, affectionate liver and white English Springer Spaniel. Who has been professionally trained at our facility and has tons of natural ability and desire. While always striving so diligently to please her owner.

“Maggie” possesses exceptional game finding ability with her noise to the ground. While working within gun range she locates, flush and retrieves shot upland birds to hand. Additional she has a very bold water entry for retrieving shot birds on the marsh. She has amazed me with how quickly she can learn complex tasks and has developed into quite a spaniel.

“Maggie has earned three of the four qualifying ribbons require for her AKC Junior Hunter title. She is a classic example of why many consider the English Springer spaniel to be “the most versatile gun dogs”. Over the past year, she has served as both a personal gun dog and guided many clients at hunting preserves. She is a true testament to her lineage.

“Maggie’s” personality will steal your heart. She is a very eager to please spaniel. That is friendly and loves to be with people and small children. She is a very even-tempered spaniel making her a wonderful family dog as well as a hunting companion. Should like any further information about ‘Maggie” please give us a call.