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                                                     Crososswind’s Thunder Hawk

month training

Hawk is a strong line bred English Springer Spaniel of ”NFC FC Pondviews Left In The light” his lineage  has proven itself in America field trials since the 1980′s.

“HAWK” is something special when he is working in the field. He really turns heads and keeps us on our toes with his uncanny ability to locate game in the toughest scenting conditions. While rumbling the  ground like thunder, with tremendous speed and style in the most densest cover has earned him a well deserved respect in the field. His spectacular water entries and ability to handle complex training tasks in the most adverse conditions shows the heart and lineage of his breeding . His level header demeanor is a true testament to the breed. A truly loving animal that takes over our heart when not in the field.

Additionally, Hawk’s level headed, soft demeanor around the house and tremendous drive in the field is consistent with the strain of spaniel Citari Kennel is noted for. He has proven to be a consistent producer of early maturing level headed pups with phenomenal natural ability and tons of drive and desire to please.


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