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Thomas Royer












Citari Benny Poppet Beans 2005-2017
I got Benny as a puppy small little guy . Took a while for me to warm up to him we had just lost are last pup. He grew on me became my best friend and hunting partner . Incredible dog  to me and the family, eager to please he was a True gentleman dog. Never ranged hard flusher with a gentle mouth he retrieved every bird, drop it in my hand and turn around go back out . Wouldn’t even take a treat when hunting his reward to him was getting that bird back to me . With an extremely heavy heart we had to let go of our beloved Benny . He leaves a hole in our hearts that can never be filled . They are not just dogs they are family !! Benny thanks for the years the memories what you did for me the family and everyone you touched. As we currently await for the our next Citari springer from Riley and Hawk. We know once again we must start another new chapter in our lives.

Thomas Royer

Thomoston, CT

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